Listed below are links to other sites we have found relating to FSB, Berlin, and ASA.   Click on any of the items to view the pictures.

Thanks to the site owners for providing them and apologies for not giving individual credit.  Note that content, presentation, and availability of pictures at those locations are beyond our control. 

The list is not intended to be comprehensive; we apologize if your site of interest is not included or if your favorite picture is not included.  Since some collections are large (over 800 photos in one), we tried to show as many people and locations as possible without repeating.  

If you find people or scenes that are not identified or are misidentified, please keep in mind that our memory is not what it used to be.  Please email corrections to and include the web site address and where the photo is located on the page.

If you know of a web location with pictures not found at the links below, send us the location and we will consider adding it to the list.


If you have a picture you would like added to this site, you may  email it to If you have hard copy prints, please email the same location to arrange for mail delivery of the prints.  In no instance will we be responsible for the safety of the prints in transit or while in our possession.  In other words, mail only copies.

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