UPDATE:  Tberg remains the property of a developer.  He has offered to sell it back to Berlin, but so far the asking price is too high.  It appears there may be some compromise between folks who want it razed and planted with trees and those who want a museum, restaurant, and shops created from the structures.  However, there has been no news in that regard as of the date at the bottom of this page.

As many of you may know, the future of the Teufelsberg site has been in question for several years.  Around 2000, some of the buildings appeared headed for inclusion in a sort of condo village.  When that effort fell through, someone thought to make it a meditation center.  That failed as well.

For most of the next decade, the site was totally abandoned by all but curiosity seekers and graffiti artists.  When the Berlin city government appeared ready to raze the entire site and let the area revert to forest, efforts by various Field Station Berlin veteran groups and individual vets to at least establish a memorial there fell on deaf ears.  As did our pleas to members of Congress.

Today, Berlin citizens seem divided on the issue with at least a small groundswell aiming at preserving the site to some extent for a spy museum and various shopping and dining facilities.  One enterprise currently offers guided site tours.

Who knows where this will end up.  But it is better to see Berliners making some use of Teufelsberg rather than letting it just pass into history without a sound.

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